Buyer beware! – Flexible LED strip lamps

As popular as LED lighting technology has become, it seems as if everywhere you look, there is something new, or somebody else selling various forms of LED lighting.  LED lighting is great and, depending on the application, can offer MANY advantages over standard incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lighting.  Including but not limited to: Energy Efficiency […]

Stellar’s new Low Profile series LED lamps – LOWER PROFILE – LOWER COST – HIGHER EFFICIENCY

With the constant advancement of LED technology, Stellar is always trying to stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest and greatest lighting for your vehicle.  Our new Low Profile “LP” series lamps offer the latest in SMD technology. This results in an LED board with a much lower profile allowing the housing of our LP […]

Welcome To Stellar Lighting’s New Website!

Stellar-Lighting is here!  We are happy you took time to visit.  This website is designed to inform not only our customers, but anyone who visits our site.  PLEASE do not hesitate to ask questions and reach out to any of our capable associates!